Stink Bug Repellent

The use of stink bug repellent is just one of the many ways how to deal with the stink bug problem. If you are looking for foolproof solutions for how to keep stink bugs out of your home, then the good news is that you have many choices. There are many options at your disposal – everything from sealing off your home, to setting up stink bug traps, and more.

One of these options is to use a stink bug repellent. Now, unfortunately, there is no one magic-bullet compound that is known to repel stink bugs. It’s not as though there is a substance that is known to repel them, in much the same way that kryptonite is known to repel Superman. And it’s not as though you can just walk into a store and buy “stink bug repellent“.

While there are many bug spray companies that market commercial products that supposedly are specifically geared toward repelling or killing stinks, none of these are foolproof, and many of these are proven to be ineffective, and in many cases some of these products might actually cause more harm than good – to the environment, and to young children and other pets living in the house.

But what we do know that is that there are many ways to create the conditions that would drive away stink bugs, discourage them from entering your home, and some ways which can be lethal to them.

Dish Soap As Stink Bug Repellent

When it comes to repellents that can be used to drive away or to exterminate stink bugs, you don’t need to waste your money on expensive commercial-grade pesticides. There are many home-made solutions you can concoct in order to achieve the same results.

One of the most commonly well-known home-made stink bug repellents is none other than the common household product: dish washing liquid.

Even an exposure to a minuscule amount of dish soap can be lethal to stink bugs, believe it not. And if you don’t believe me, go ahead and try this at home:

Grab an empty water bottle with a spray nozzle and fill it up with dish washing liquid. Next time you see a stink bug crawling on a window inside your house, aim the sprayer at it and squeeze the trigger a couple of times. What you see happening next should leave you feeling smug with a profound sense of vindication: the stink bug will stop dead in its tracks, and if it is crawling on a wall, it will lose its grip and fall down. It will become immobilized.

And then of course you can spray it a couple more times for good measure. Just be sure that you aim for the stink bug’s underbelly, as that is its most vulnerable spot. Do note that in some cases, if you don’t use enough liquid, the stink bug will only become temporarily immobilized and may reanimate again after some time, once the effect of this toxin (toxic to the bug, not to us humans) is purged from its system.

Who would have thought that a seemingly innocuous product such as dish washing liquid could be so lethal to these pesky pests?

There are various other types of stink bug repellent concoctions you can come up with, but the aforementioned is a very low cost, extremely effective, and safe (harmless to humans) solution. No need for you to resort to insecticides or anything of that nature.

As far as stink bug repellent solutions on a larger scale, if you have a massive stink bug infestation problem, there really isn’t any thing that can “repel” stink bugs per se. On the contrary, you are better off setting up stink bug traps to capture and kill stink bugs instead.