How To Kill Stink Bugs

If you are seeking ways to how to kill stink bugs in your home you have most likely already know just how hard this is to accomplish.

Before you learn how to kill stink bugs it’s a good idea to know two ways that people commonly use that are bad ideas.

The very first things people tend to do when they spot a stink bug is to squish it. This actually is a very bad idea and should be avoided. There is a very good reason why stink bugs are called, “stink bugs”. When they are squished the stink is released. It is a very unpleasant odor. Instead of squishing the bug simply use a tissue or paper towel to pick it up and then flush it down the toilet.

Another thing people will do when trying to get rid of these bugs is to vacuum them up. While this can be effective it also can make your vacuum omit a very bad smell every time you decide to vacuum your home. It’s best to dedicate one vacuum for stink bugs and the other for the general vacuum cleaning around the home.

How to Kill Stink Bugs – Stop Them Before They Enter

Stink bugs love a warm environment so they look for warm places to hibernate during the winter. These small bugs can easily creep into your home through any open door or windows which is why many people feel the urge to keep them shut.

While it may be impossible to seal up every little crack, it is a good idea to attempt to seal up as many of them as possible.

A good way to think about this process is to consider it your opportunity to weatherize your home. Placing weather stripping around your windows and doors is a good start. Be sure to replace any old or cracking weather stripping. In addition you can also use silicone caulking to fill in small cracks and crevasses around the house. It is a rather time consuming project, but it does help keep them from out of your house.

How to Kill Stink Bugs – To Light or Not to Light

Another thing about stink bugs is that they are highly attracted to light. Unless there is a serious concern for security, it’s a good idea not to leave any lights on outside your home. In addition it’s also a good idea not to have the lights on in rooms where light is not needed inside your home as well.

On the other hand, if you want to learn how to kill stink bugs with light, you can look into using indoor traps that have a tiny light included in the trap that is especially attractive to these very intrusive pests. These types of traps can sometimes be found at your local market where garden supplies are sold.

When all else fails, it is probably time to call the exterminator and rid your home of these pests so you can relax and enjoy an open window or a pleasant night out on the porch with the lights on. When you are at the end of your rope, and you just can’t seem to win the war against these pesky creatures, then it may be time to call the experts who know the right way¬†how to kill stink bugs.